Charter Yacht Holidays

What’s Special about Charter Yacht Holidays

Very few people have the privilege of a casual meander around picturesque islands, enjoying special moments with friends and family. Ocean-faring yacht holidays are created to give you the best holiday experience imaginable. By taking a charter yacht holiday you will be able to experience sunny ocean cruises and wonderful beaches as well as memorable cities and fishing villages. Here what make charter yacht holidays so special?

Time to relax

You are guaranteed to enjoy every moment of your sailing holiday, no matter which option you choose. You can take your time to meander from one port to the next, taking a little time out to enjoy lunch in remote areas. Your time at sea is best enjoyed by spending it with those close to you. Take the time to go fishing, swimming or just bask in the sun.

Places to visit

Depending on the company you have chosen to charter your yacht, you will have access to a number of great facilities. While some companies offer single trips from one place to another, others can offer you visits to up to 14 different areas. Nothing can quite beat sailing from one island to another or docking at one bay only to set sail later again to visit another, all which you take in nature at its most beautiful.

Charter Yacht Holidays

When making your choice of companies always take into consideration, what you are looking for in your holiday. If you prefer to spend your time relaxing on the boat then a holiday with fewer stop may be what you are looking for. But, if you crave adventure and excitement you might want to pick a charter with a busier itinerary.

Charter holiday to skipper your own craft

Skippering your own craft can be a tiresome exercise; you will need the relevant training and qualifications. Why not opt for a charter yacht and have all of the worries taken care of. In addition, when you charter a yacht, your skipper will have in-depth knowledge of the areas you will be visiting; this will ensure that you get the absolute best out of your ocean holiday.

Easier than you think

Booking a charter yacht allows you the opportunity to visit amazing places without the hassle and worries of skippering the vessel. You will have access to the same beautiful environments and sights without needing the qualifications. You skipper will also be able to advise you on the best ports to stop at should you want to enjoy a sunny breakfast or a leisurely stroll through the town. You skipper will also know exactly where to take you for the best swims.

How does it work?

Once you have decided to book a charters yacht, your next choice will be the destination. When you have your heart set on the perfect place for your holiday charter cruise, a trained agent will be able to perfect pair you with a skipper who is familiar with the area you are traveling to. On the day you are set to sail away on your dream holiday, you simply arrive at the port. You skipper then essentially ‘drives’ you to wherever you would like to go. You will have the opportunity to get involved as little or as much as you like during this experience.


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April 2021