The top things to take out of the suitcase before traveling

The top things to take out of the suitcase before traveling

You have reached the destination of your dreams, whether within or outside borders, but the huge suitcase you carry with you have begun to remove any trace of joy from within you. To avoid experiencing this torture, read the following list and see what things to take out of your suitcase before leaving for a vacation. Believe me; none of them deserve the hassle.

Shoes that hurt your feet

Is that pair of platforms that makes you stubborn all the time, necessary? Those high-heeled sandals rubbed on your skin? Leave it all back. It is absolutely sure that you will not miss your walks without them. You just need to be as comfortable as it gets in order to explore the destination you chose in the easiest way.

Books with hard cover

Are you trying to exceed the kilogram weight limit? If the book you want to take with you is not available in the Kindle and does not come in pocket size, just choose another one that meets these requirements and leave the 700-page volumes for when you return home. You just need to read something that doesn’t need to weight over a kilo!

The top things to take out of the suitcase before traveling

Swimsuit that you do not feel comfortable wearing it

If you are not sure when looking at your bathroom mirror, there is not the slightest chance to feel comfortable with this beach swimsuit. Leave it aside and choose one that flatters your body and makes you feel confident. Just be confident with what you wear and everyone will notice your confidence.

 Many pairs of jeans

Jeans are not worn easily and experts recommend washing them only once a month. This means you can only get one or two pairs of jeans with you and wear them alternately, no more. You can choose some floral dresses instead. It’s summer, after all!


All hotels, even many Airbnb houses, provide shampoos, softeners, shower gels, soaps, body creams, razor blades, toothpastes and everything else you need. You can contact the hotel beforehand to check what will be in the room and take with you only what is absolutely necessary. You do not need to transform your hotel bathroom into your own one. Just keep it simple.

Hair products

The same is true here: You should call your hotel before you reach it, in order to ask what exactly the hotel provides and if it covers your needs, leave the hair dryer back home. Also, more and more hotels offer, if you require, hairdressers. Take advantage of it too and do not just try to fill everything in your bag.


Okay, it is absolutely logical, that you are trying to save money in any way. Unless you go somewhere terribly isolated, you can simply visit the nearest supermarket next to your hotel and get what you need from there, instead of carrying a really heavy bag to your destination.


Last but sure not least. You should definitely leave any of your obligations back home. You really need to have a rest from the work fuzz, from the traffic jam you deal with every single day, or the deadlines that you cannot postpone for your new project and focus on how you are going to spend the greatest summer ever. Just pick a great destination and let yourself free. The options are many. One of the greatest ones is visiting Indonesia. This heaven on earth combines culture, history and landscape in a really marvelous way. You can find a Komodo accommodation; leave your easy transferred bag in your room, and head to one of the greatest beaches you will ever swim in your life. It is really one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and you really deserve it after all.


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April 2021