The perfect beer match pizza. Find out why

The perfect beer match: pizza. Find out why

Pizza, the ultimate comfort food, beer, on the other hand, the best relaxing drink, especially on a Friday night. What is better than that? For those who do not know, beer and pizza go very well together. A lot of foodie out there knows that beer and pizza is a match made in heaven and there is factual information that can back this claim why these two is great to be together.

Considering that pizza originates in Italy, you might wonder or even consider that pizza is great with a glass of wine because of the great amount of cheese on top of it, well that was the classic pairing, the new and very delicious pair right now is beer and pizza and people have gone crazy eating their favorite slice of pepperoni pizza with the other hand holding an ice-cold can of beer.

Just to back up this claim, according to the best chefs of Italian foods in Victoria, the carbonation in beer that has a lighter acidity level makes lifts up the fats out of the cheese, and this acidity and the bitter flavor of the beer cuts through the flavor of the cheese that became very flavorful to your mouth. The beer also cleanses the palate in between the oily bite of the pizza. Another scientific claim that proves pizza and beer is best together is that the yeast that is found in the beer that is paired with the yeast in the pizza dough have the same effects and flavors that meld harmoniously in your mouth.

Italian foods in Victoria

Also, this generation is very exciting for those who both love beer and pizza as you may notice, a lot of local craft breweries that offer various flavors of beer are sprouting like mushrooms in many cities which offer a whole lot of new pairs for your favorite pizza. Also, there are different kinds of pizzas, there is the Margherita, the deep-dish, the thin crust, and the New-York style pizza.

Below is some list of the best 5 Pizza and Beer Pairings that you might want to try.

  • Margherita and Pale Ale- Margherita might be the simplest pizza out there but its flavor is timeless and might as well pair it with an equally timeless type of beer, the pale ale. This is because the ale’s malt flavor perfectly complements the pizza’s toasty crust flavor and creates a balance of the tangy flavor of the tomato.
  • Pepperoni and India Pale Ale (IPA)- The classic pepperoni can never go wrong if paired with the India Pale Ale (IPA) because of the bitterness of the latter that greatly balances the saltiness of the pepperoni on the pizza. The result of it is different flavors bursting in your mouth.
  • Hawaiian and fruit ale- Arguably, the Hawaiian pizza has its own distinct flavor that many people do not fully understand or appreciate, but nevertheless this pizza is one of the most beloved out there, and what more to pair up its fruity flavor from its pineapple topping than a fruit ale that has different fruit flavors to choose from.
  • Cheese and wheat ale- Pizza without cheese is like a body without a soul. Cheese is already part of a pizza and there are a lot of kinds of cheese pizzas out there that you can choose from and nothing can go wrong with a wheat beer on the side.
  • Mushroom and spinach and stout- The mushroom and spinach pizza is a great combination that has different flavors and it becomes even better if you pair it with a cold bottle of stout.


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