How to Spot the Best Smokehouse Restaurant in Melbourne

How to Spot the Best Smokehouse Restaurant in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a Smokehouse Restaurant, Bar & Grill Melbourne, you’re in luck because it’s easy to spot the best Smokehouse Restaurant in Melbourne where you can enjoy flavourful ribs that aren’t offered at some BBQ joints. American BBQ joints can be found everywhere in Melbourne where many of them have their ribs smoked for hours at a low temperature and usually served with sides of meat.

Smokey’s All American BBQ

If you see a wall with an American flag, you’ve just spotted Smokey’s All American BBQ in Melbourne. And you’ve found what you have been craving for – smoked meat. The mouth-watering ribs here are served on wooden boards to give you a rustic feel. It is served with fries and pickles.

Whatever your preference is, at Smokey’s you’re sure to get the best-tasting meat in Melbourne. You can find a delicate, almost restricted smokiness to the mouth-watering beef ribs, while the thick pork ribs get that delicious smoky flavor and beat your cravings for ribs. You’re sure to enjoy the meal as you see the hickory-smoked so tender and falling off the bone.


When you see a decor that features butcher’s cleavers and meat-inspired art, you’re at Meatmother. In this restaurant, you’ll find that their menu is all about meat, salad with meat, and the cocktails are mixed with bacon to make it perfect booze. The American-style ribs here are super tender, both pork and beef as they are smoked over oak for several hours every day, and it’s enough once they’re all consumed.

Smokehouse Restaurant, Bar & Grill Melbourne

Ike’s Rack Shack

If you find a restaurant complete with sheltered picnic tables and astroturf to give you a genuine fake shack feel, then you’ve just found Ike’s, Rack Shack. This favorite BBQ joint in Melbourne is gathering up good reviews with rib lovers for its rack stack – a good serve of beef, pork and lamb ribs, great for sharing or for those who keep on mumbling ‘I’m so hungry now.’

The well-cooked ribs at Ike’s Rack Shack are hickory-smoked, and then coated in a bourbon-maple glaze and chargrilled to get extra smokiness. As you eat the sticky, succulent meat, you’ll find it falling off the bone. No wonder many diners come to this place.

  • B’Churrasco

B’Churrasco is a Brazilian BBQ joint in Melbourne that will fulfill the dream of every carnivorous diner. This BBQ joint charges a fee of $45 that will get you all the great-tasting meat you can eat – carve up lamb, pork, beef and chicken in front of you at the table and keep bringing for more until you stop them.

The flavourful beef ribs you’ll enjoy at d’Churrasco is a great way of extending extraordinary talent of the crew in the kitchen, where the meat is simply seasoned with salt and then slow-cook until become yummy. The juicy lamb ribs are also well-seasoned to make it more flavourful.

Finding the best BBQ restaurant in Melbourne may not be easy until you try what’s in their menu. Usually when you find their meat tastes delicious and flavorful, then you can say it’s the best.


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