Do You Really Know About Pizza Amazing Facts About Pizza

Do You Really Know About Pizza?: Amazing Facts About Pizza

But first, Pizza…

There is no denying that everyone loves pizza— or at least got to taste one. Well, if there’s still someone who does not know pizza or haven’t gotten to taste one, then I don’t know where in the world you’re from.

If someone is to describe pizza, it is definitely around a plate of treat served in a square box. It is one of the Italian specialty that hooked everyone from all parts of the world. Some even cook their pizza and top it with their favorite toppings.

Pizza can also be a good snack, meal, and even a dessert. Some like it from breakfast to lunch up for dinner— it’s a heavy meal nevertheless. That’s the reason why even if you are in a fancy restaurant, you will never lose sight of a good starter pizza on the menu. It’s no wonder why Pizza restaurant can easily be located in all corners of the world.

But how much do you know about this four cheese Italian entree? Today, let’s find out more about gourmet quality pizza.

gourmet quality pizza

4 Interesting Facts About Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular Italian food both in the United States and outside the states. Whenever you are in the world, pizza is indeed the number one favorite treat.

However, why do people love Pizza so much? Aside from it is good comfort food and a lot of people can enjoy it, there are still more interesting facts as to why people love it more than anything else in the world. Let’s check out more about gourmet quality pizza below.

  1. Pizza is a new food

People tend to think that pizzas are a classic Italian dish, but it actually has been around since the early 1800s. Several cultures serve flatbread topped with various ingredients until later than 1889 when the Italians first served the first pizza in mozzarella and tomatoes— the same that we are enjoying today.

  1. Average American eats 6,000 slices in a lifetime

If there’s one thing that rings true about pizza is that it’s not just an Italian favorite, but it is also an American favorite. That’s why if statistics could speak, there’s definitely one in 10 people who eats at least three slices in a week. So, 6000 is just the average, that means some people are still eating more than that.

  1. September 15th= National Cheese Pizza Day

This proves that pizza is a real favorite when people are starting to declare a special daydedicated to it. Same with October 11th as the National Sausage Pizza day.

People are celebrating Cheese Pizza Day because of one thing— you cannot afford to eat pizza without cheese on top.

  1. There are 65% Handcraft pizza store in the world

There’s definitely no denying to the fact that pizza does not only remain as Italian food, and you don’t need to go to Rome to eat one. You can find it everywhere you are in the world with various styles, servings, the way it’s cooked, and it tastes.

Everywhere you look at, and it’s for sure that there is at least one handcraft pizza store in place.


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